Head of Credit Management for a global African Bank

Head of Credit Management for a global African Bank

REPORTS TO:            CEO


A suitable candidate with a university degree in Finance, Accounting or a related disciplines, preferably with other related professional qualifications and possesses a minimum of 15 years’ of corporate banking experience in lending or related activities; A well rounded exposure to the entire gamut of Credit Management would be a prerequisite.


About the role


The role revolves around leading the Credit Management vertical of the bank encompassing Credit Origination, Administration (including legal compliance), Monitoring and NPA management; maintaining the bank’s lead position in sourcing quality assets by enabling faster turnaround on credit delivery; To sustainably maintain Asset Quality within the norms set by policy / regulations; Coordinate the strategy to ensure it reflects the enterprise risk appetite set by the board risk committee. To lead all implementation and training in order to improve the banks Credit Risk Management capabilities.


He/She in the role would be


Assessing the existing framework of Credit & risk management on a bank-wide basis and report deficiencies and recommend areas for improvement to the Management and implementation thereof. Ensure proper implementation of the Bank’s Risk policies and procedures. Develop, modify and test models for credit risk measurement and management. Managing the entire process of Credit Management broadly covering origination, delivery, legal compliance and monitoring of Loan Book; Planning, Budgeting & Growth of Loan Book and ensuring the asset quality. Regulatory & Statutory Compliances. Identify key risks and mitigating factors of potential investments, such as asset types and values, legal and ownership structures, professional reputations, customer bases, or industry segments. Manage the entire credit risk management process – identify, measure, monitor and manage these risks effectively. Work closely on the risk aggregation process. Periodically review best practices in the area of Credit Risk management. Develop models for measuring Value at Risk (VaR), including default probability, loss given default and rating migration. Computation and allocation of economic capital and risk adjusted performance measurement. Identifying, measuring and managing credit risk across a range of on and off balance sheet asset classes. Engages in the development, implementation, review and monitoring of various credit programs and providing training and coaching to continuously upgrade the competency of the team members.




Megha Khanduja, Consultant