Shailja Dutt



Shailja Dutt – MD Stellar Featured on the center page of Hindustan Times on 9th March, Women’s Day.

I started my career with consulting and while I was on a job hunt, was recruited by Amrop which was starting its search practice in India. After working with them for a couple of years and after having my first

baby, I thought I would take a sabbatical. Little did I know that a candidate I had placed while at Amrop would talk me into setting up my own firm. That was the genesis of Stellar Search. Today, we are a multi-million dollar search practice with offices across Asia and Africa.

For me, the greatest challenge as a woman entrepreneur has been to find a balance between a growing business, growing children, a spouse with a high powered career of his own, my own need to continually grow as a person and pursue my interests outside work. Over the years, you learn to prioritise with the same discipline as a Ninja warrior. I recently heard a motivational speaker talk about prioritising exactly the way I have practised for years. I made a list of the top 4-5 things that matter to me the most: People I deeply care about, my company, fitness, knowledge, and charity (giving back to the society, helping the needy).