Something New for Breakfast

As big a fan as I am of Indian cuisine, if there is one area where there exists ample room for improvement, it has to be at the breakfast table. In fact, the first meal of the day is probably the only time I wish we could learn something from our western counterparts when it comes to food- while they have healthy options galore, whether it’s American(and I am not talking about Texas over here), English or Continental, each of which lays at least a modicum of emphasis on the health of the individual, we have to make do with our own, heavily butter and ghee laden brand of ‘Give Me a Heart Attack’ breakfast, usually consisting of highly nutritious fare in the form of deep fried pooris and heavily spiced chole, with some halwa soaked in dollops of gheethrown in for good measure( just in case you haven’t reached the hospital already). As good as it all may taste, I am sure there are millions out there desperately searching for a healthier start to the day-well, thou shall worry not any longer. Britannia Industries, a brand name most of India has grown up with, has finally decided to put all of us out of our collective misery by deciding to foray into the Rs.500 Cr branded breakfast market, currently dominated by players like Kellogg India, MTR Foods, PepsiCo and Marico. The FMCG giant has come out with its own range of ready to eat breakfast mixes comprising upmas, pohas, porridges and oats under the brand name of Britannia Healthy Start. Though a number of similar products are already available in the market, the familiarity and comfort associated with the Britannia brand name is bound to touch all the right cords with the Indian consumer. So how far will this latest venture go? Well, having cereals for breakfast can be something of an acquired taste, and trying to pass off porridge as a breakfast option to the traditional Indian palate is going to be no easy task- I myself haven’t been able to reconcile to the idea of giving up my favourite samosas and jalebi for a bowl of some rather, presumably, tasteless oats and porridge soaked in cold milk (poha and upma I can live with). But come on guys, it’s Britannia, the same company that has given us so much gastronomical joy over the years, whether it’s with their Tasty Treat (yeah I am also a big fan of the jam in the centre), Little Hearts, or the ever-green Marie Gold, which has probably acquired National Biscuit status for most Indians across the length and breadth of the country.Anything coming out of its stable has to taste good .And even more importantly, the health benefits associated with the latest range on offer are simply far too great for anyone to ignore (trust me on this, but since you probably won’t, just Google it) With more and more Indians with rising disposable incomes, especially in the urban centers, becoming increasingly health conscious, the healthy breakfast segment seems like just the right place for Britannia to be in- in fact, all the leading players are likely to see rising growth in the years ahead, with India’s demographics ensuring an ever expanding customer base for all companies that can offer something healthy to eat.   The only tricky part would be to get the average Indian off his daily dose of butter and ghee induced nirvana- now how difficult can that be? After all, which idiot would not want to substitute his cholesterol raising breakfast with a healthier option? Should be a piece of cake. Now, if you will kindly excuse me, my aaloo chaat is just about to get ready.

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