Appetizer or Entrée

It makes sense that a restaurateur’s maximum time and focus is always on the entrée; after all, it’s a cost center with the core ingredients, and it’s the only opportunity to make a signature statement and get a Michelin star.

It has a correlation to our business of recruitment as well; we focus a lot of time on the closing of the search/mandate as it’s the cost centre – rather than creating an experience from the beginning. To create an oomph factor from the beginning will always make sure that the entree has been loved.

Imagine, you book a table for two for your anniversary. The moment you enter and say, ‘Hi, I am Mrs. Malhotra, have booked a table for two’’ and the reply you get is ‘Oh Really!!!! Take any seat available’. The waiter does not even bother to take your order or ask water for the next 20 min. Will you continue to sit???? Now consider an alternate scenario- the moment you enter the restaurant, the waiter greets you with a warm smile and says, “Hi, Mrs. Malhotra, we’ve been waiting for you and wish you a Very Happy Anniversary.” I am sure you get the picture.

So, it’s really essential to receive the best service from the very beginning, so that you’re satisfied about being charged a VAT along with the service tax.

To create and make the Best Bruschetta’s oops : Its essential to make the best appetizer to satiate the hunger and expectations of the client, in order to do so we need to make sure of the following:-

  • Create the first impression: We need to make sure that the first impression is the lasting one; it takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed…. So why not give the client the BEST and POSITIVE first impression.
  • Showcase your credentials: one needs to make sure to highlight your credentials, the work you’ve done so far… Tell a story, a story to remember and make sure it’s tattooed in the person’s mind forever. The client would remember you for long or forever…
  • Keeping the communication going: During the entire process of the search i.e. download, execution, negotiation, closure – during the entire process, keep the communication channel open. The most important remote of any successful venture is communication.
  • Giving preferential importance to the client: We all need attention, and so do our clients and if they are treated with care, it becomes all the more likely that they will feel special and vouch for you within their own network. If the work is done promptly and perfectly, they will always have the everlasting connect
  • Visual treat: Meeting the clients face to face, and also presenting the reports which are with embellishments containing requisite information.

It’s essential to create an impactful first impression and sway the mindset at the appetizer stage itself, while maintaining an impeccable level of service throughout till the Entree is served- a sure-fire recipe to ensure that you win many accolades.

By Mehar Seth Malhotra, Consultant