A Candidate’s guide to cracking the code with a search firm

You have 10 seconds. Name five people who’ve been to space. Name three who’ve been to the moon.

That took a while, didn’t it? Now name just one person at your workplace who’s dedicated to quality and burns the midnight oil to get good work done. Chances are, you had a few names in mind even before you finished reading that line completely.

That’s because of top-of-mind recall. We remember people who directly impact our work. We remember them when relevant scenarios pop up. We’re less likely to remember historically important events which we weren’t directly connected to. That’s just the way the mind works, generally.

In my work in a search firm, we often wade through hundreds of eligible candidates seeking their ideal position. What sets apart one candidate from the other even though they may have very similar CVs? It’s their top-of-mind recall.

Here are the ways through which candidates can leverage their skills perfectly and crack the code with search firms. They can stay relevant and embrace the perfect opportunity to create a win-win situation. read more

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