Employer of Choice

1. Stellar Employer of Choice

Stellar believes in creating a positive environment for powerful outcomes. We believe that we add a spark to the work- life of our employees by creating a culture that makes work an enriching experience rather than a mundane task. Serious business peppered with the “fun- element” !!! That’s our formula for creating & nurturing world class talent.

We promote a fun- filled, stress free atmosphere at work to create an innovative, engaged attitude which leads to more energy, enthusiasm, team- spirit & increased productivity in the organization.

2. Training and Coaching

Stellar believes that only its people can help it build a sustainable competitive advantage. We have a “Place People First” approach to human capital management. Our structured annual “Training & Presentation” plan helps to inspire change; to create an environment that promotes learning and sharing, and thus help every employee exceed his/ her potential.

3. Performance based Reward & Recognition

Stellar practices a strong internal reward & recognition program for its employees. Every quarter the top performer of our team becomes the “Supernova” of the quarter.

The most awaited event of the year is the “Annual Supernova” which truly celebrates brilliance within the organization. The “Annual Supernova” recognizes Stellar’s outstanding performer, who is the top contributor to the company’s growth. “Supernova” is the time of the year when team Stellar comes together to celebrate its achievements over the year and gears up for a new year of greater accomplishments.

Every year the company organizes an international offsite at the time of budget preparations and year planning. This is normally a team reward announced at the achievement of our yearly targets.

The company regularly organizes picnics & training offsite which include camping, trekking, water sports, adventure sports (just to name a few).

4. Work life Balance

At Stellar, an employee’s well-being is a critical priority. The organization recognizes the importance of achieving a healthy balance between work demands & personal priorities.

At Stellar this work life balance is encouraged through flexible working hours, sabbaticals, study leaves, healthcare services & childcare assistance.