"This is to provide positive feedback on Stellar right from initial discussions up to the stage of me migrating to Nairobi, Stellar has been very helpful. In my view they are good in managing the sensitivities on the apprehensions which a candidate has on the region, the energetic approach and positive attitude is highly appreciated and a big boon for Stellar. Thanks once again and I can just say that you have managed to create a highly motivated team"
Ketan Merchant
Group Chief Financial Officer
"The entire experience with Stellar was an extremely positive one. Stellar was very thorough and extremely helpful throughout the entire recruitment process. I was always kept well informed and up to date as to where we were throughout. Thank you to Stellar Search for assisting in the recruitment process for my new role."
Criag van
Trade Marketing Manager – MEA
"I had recently switched position and had the pleasure of dealing with Stellar during the recruitment process. I had a great experience and it was a pleasure to deal with Stellar which was both warm and friendly as well as very professional from start to finish. I enjoyed my interactions with them and as a result think highly of Stellar and their professionalism and proficiency."
Matthew Shaw
Regional Manager, Campari
"I would just like to give some feedback on the service I received from Stellar Search over the past few weeks. From our first interaction, Stellar’s efficiency was exceptional. They facilitated my swift recruitment process with great professionalism and insight. The ability to help me understand the scope of the position and subsequently relay my value to the employer was particularly impressive. Thank you, once again, for the service I received from Stellar Search."
Fred Van Wyk
Product Supply Chain Manager, Campari
"I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due. Stellar Search managed my portfolio whilst I was seeking to secure a position.  I would just like to call out how professional Stellar was throughout the process. They made me feel like a valued candidate and not just another applicant. It was this approach that gave me the confidence to handle the face to face interviews. Thank you Stellar, keep up making the difference in your clients lives."
Mike Maciej
Regional Manager – North, Campari – South Africa
"Stellar is an excellent hiring professional company. They handle complicated assignments with proper and diligent follow up. Their approach made me convey practical challenges and received timely resolutions. I wish all the best to Stellar to handle recruitment for senior positions."
Girish Parhate
Director – Regulator Affairs, DRL
"Stellar Search has been of great help and support through the process which was spread over a few months- I remember it started sometime in Feb with the first interaction in March. Fantastic effort at each step until on-boarding. Giving a humane touch to everything that was done thru this journey with so much passion and patience exhibited. Appreciate all that Stellar has done through this process. I look forward to associate with Stellar in future." Many thanks!!
Ammar Raza S
Sr. Director & Head – Medical Affairs, DRL, DRL
"Excellent professional who has a business outlook that is rare."
Alind Sharma
Director HR, Monsanto
"I have known Shailja since 1999 and the Stellar team, under her leadership, has consistently delivered excellent quality of work to enable me to build great teams."
Sanjay Banerjee
Managing Director, Zimmer India Pvt. Ltd.
"Shailja is one of the finest professionals in the Executive Search business that I have encountered over the past many many years. She and her company (Stellar) were engaged by Bechtel India for a very complex and difficult Senior search assignment which we had been struggling to fill for many months. Stellar was not only able to close the position within the stated timeline, they displayed their commitment by engaging with the candidate even beyond the time that the person joined our organisation. Their process of shortlisting the candidates, evaluating them and fine-tuning the requirement during the course of the search ensures success. I would gladly recommend Stellar for any Mid to Senior level search assignments across any industry vertical with the confidence that due justice will be done. I wish Shailja and Stellar all success in all their future endeavors as we continue our relationship across many positions within the company."
Vinod Nair
Head of Human Resources, Bechtel
“We’d previously met with another Agency and the difference was astounding. Shailja (and Stellar as a business) is very “westernised” in her approach, massively passionate about what she does and definitely “gets it” when it comes to working on behalf of an International Business such as BAE. We had a fantastic insight from her and her colleague regarding the challenges in not only recruiting but retaining senior level positions across India etc. We’ll certainly keep in touch with her and have already passed on her details to our ex-pat team based in Delhi, who have been encouraged to talk to her about any imminent resourcing requirements”.
Dominic Mellonie
Group HR Director, 2020 Mobile Group
“You did a beautiful job Shailja and I’m delighted you are on our team! I’ve been in this business many years and have dealt with high calibre search firms here in the US. You/ Stellar and your technology are head and shoulders ahead of all of us”.
Mary Ann Moore
Owner/ Principal, Moore and Associates Executive Search, LLC
“I now know Shailja for more than 10 years. I met her first, when she approached me for a role on behalf of one of her clients. I was very impressed with her professionalism. She represented the client organization so well and knew all the aspects of the organization; it almost felt that she was the MD of the company. She had all her information on her finger tips and gave a very balanced view point. Later, I have requested her to help in searches and she has again been professional in her approach and methodical. She understands the organization and takes pains to get into details and is able to do a through search. Lastly, I know her as a friend, who has always been very supportive and trustworthy.”
axa Shubhro Mitra
Regional Chief Human Resource Officer, AXA Asia
“Shailja is a valued talent acquisition partner for our India operations. She added distinct value by her sheer initiative, market understanding, being able to challenge existing thoughts/processes and simply exemplifying the role of a trusted partner. She and her team wrapped many unique solutions that added diversity to our workforce demographics – a value that continues to help differentiate our performance relative to others!”
Joydeep Mutsuddi
Senior Director, Human Resources (Worlwide), Becton Dickinson
“Shailja has built Stellar Search with 100% commitment, dedication and most importantly passion. The company has been a key business partner to us and has added significant value to our business over the years by bringing the right people for the right roles in the right time at the right cost. Their emphasis on strong processes and customer service after getting to know their clients thoroughly is a strong plus. Stellar’s location expansion from Delhi to Bangalore and Kolkata has also improved their service to us. The Stellar team is effective and emotionally involved with us, and that what makes them different. We see a long term relationship with Stellar as an asset to us.”
Hemchandra Javeri
Co-Founder, ForumSynergies India Private Equity Fund Managers
“Shailja is an astute and visionary business woman with an eye for perfection and service excellence. The way Stellar Search has grown from strength to strength – spilling over international boundaries under her leadership – is a testimony to the same. As an individual, she packs in stupendous amounts of energy, charisma and enthusiasm which can leave lasting impressions for all who interact with her – clients, candidates, friends and her team alike! As a professional, she has the ability to understand client expectations and ensure spot on delivery – ensuring that Stellar Search is a ‘partner of choice’ for her clients. Her ability to connect and establish relations is par excellence. For me she is a glowing example of a balanced and successful Indian business woman. I wish her success for the future, which is a certainty anyway!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Vaishali Chohan Sahajpal
European HR Partner, Becton Dickinson, UK
“Shailja is the personification of the drive, energy and ambition that the world talks about today when referring to India. She has taken her business to immense heights in a short period of time – this is of course due to her vision for her company, but equally because of the way she is with her team (who she treats as equals), her customers (the C-Suite of large MNCs) and her clients – the candidates. She makes an effort to get to know each one personally, invests a lot of time in preparing them and positioning them for the right role in the right organization. Shailja has the gravitas one would obviously expect from someone at her position and also has the ability to not intimidate anyone – rather going out of her way to put you at ease.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Shivani Sondhi Maitra
Director, Deloitte MCS Limited
“On a professional level, Shailja is the most wonderful thing that can happen to the Head of Recruiting of a large organization. Her work ethics, process management skills and business acumen are exemplary in her field of expertise. She is able to control and decentralize as required. On a personal level, she is a warm, caring, fun loving, responsible and attractive girl. You will wish that you were more like her (except the health freak in her).”
Akash Poddar
COO, TSI-Yatra Private Limited
“Shailja and her team have produced some fantastic cross border results in my previous assignment at Aditya Birla Retail. Getting global talent for a start up business in India wasn’t easy but she made it look so!” December 8, 2007 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Vijay Kashyap
Human Resource Director - Asia Pacific, Campari Asia Pacific
“I have been associated with Stellar Search for some time. I have found Stellar extremely thorough in their processes and demonstrates a refreshing understanding of business that is quite unusual in Recruiters in the region. Their research is very detailed and the feedback concise and adds tremendous value to the whole recruiting process.”
Sarbari Basu
HR Director - Workforce Planning (Distribution Business Unit), Cummins Inc.
“Kavita personifies a professional fully dedicated to her work. Her great attention to detail, hard work and keen desire to help customers are some qualities par excellence. Kavita’s field of work is inundated with professionals flaunting a wide array of credentials. There is lot of buzz but very little substance. However, working with Kavita, I found a Recruiting Partner who painstakingly works to understand and deliver to customer needs versus making lofty commitments with no real added value. Kavita’s humility is of highest order. She always gives suggestions with supporting evidence in a way that doesn’t have any hint of arrogance of expertise/mastery. This helps strengthen the two way communication, essential in the intricate Recruiting/Staffing Work. Kavita is also very flexible and open to customer need. In my case, establishing things from scratch made me change the candidate profiles as things emerge. Kavita instead of being frustrated with this, listened to the changing needs with openness and help us move forward. I would like to end this with my sincerest wishes for long term personal and professional success for Kavita.”
Adnan Qureshi
Director Operations, Saudi Goody Products Marketing Company
“Kavita is a wiff of fresh air in this world of Executive Search where everyone claims to use cutting edge technology…… while she prides herself on using common sense and oodles of personal touch. A remarkable sense of purpose mixed with indefatigable pursuit for achievement distinguishes her from the rest. She does rely heavily on her organisation’s strength in research and delivery processes but her uncanny knack in understanding diverse client requirements and priorities marks her as a great associate to work with. She has been frontending for Stellar with great success. Methodical and yet intuitive, she brings great value to her assignements and uses the solutions approach very effectively. A large heart, larger desire to excel in what she does , an ability to zero in on the core, a disarmingly pleasant personality coupled with the ability to cut across all levels helps her reach where others fail. Kavita comes across as an honest and unpretentious person who has a no nonsence approach to her work and a huge will to succeed. It a pleasure to work with Kavita …..my entire Resourcing Team loves her style, attitude and delivery . Way to Go Kavita !!! shishir”
Shishir Jha
Group Head - Human Resources , Jumbo Electronics Co Ltd.
This is the most thorough references checking that I have seen in 13 years. Thank you.
Peter Sharp
President, Walmart ASIA Realty Co.
I am impressed talking you. Have spoken with hundreds of consultants, junior, and all they do is deliver a practised speech on their client and the position.Here there was no push for the job. At the same time, I haven’t had many marketing professional talking about consumer insight, let alone consultants..as a brand pro, it was a delight talking with you.

Sanjeev Kumar Shukla, Ford India
Shailja and I worked together on a couple of very critical and senior positions at Walmart last year. I found her to be highly resourceful, focused, and committed to results. Her speed of response and ability to understand the cultural aspect of the organization is a differentiator. I am sure you would find partnering with her rewarding.
Shrikant Lonikar
CHRO & Director on Board, Pernod Ricard