3 ideas for developing future leaders in the age of easy job hopping

LeadersIs a successful company defined by its leadership? Or the legacy of its leaders?

When I think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, and Jeff Bezos – I’m inclined to agree. There’s something about them that stands out. Call it their leadership; call it their charisma (or the lack of it). They all have the ‘X’ factor which helped them build world class companies that changed the way we do business.

Organizations today are struggling to recreate that forward momentum. Through trial and error and various (very expensive) studies, they’ve only reconfirmed that it’s leadership that inspires employees, makes them more productive, engaged employees propel or accelerate the organization’s growth. Before we debate the already ‘old hat’ leadership debate yet again, “Are leaders born or are leaders created”, I want to address the more pertinent issue today of “why is it that they don’t stick around long enough for them to make a meaningful difference?” Leadership musical chairs, or as we say in more common parlance, job hopping, is as normal as breathing nowadays. So how can companies develop future leaders in this kind of an environment? read more


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