“The most important lesson my Coach taught me”​

I’m your typical Type A personality. Driven, focused and setting deadlines to yesterday. Very reactive, I would often shoot first and then realise I had just shot the messenger.

If something had to be done, it had to be done now! Everything had to get done now!!!

In my mind I was high energy, passionate, driven….. a doer. But then in a chance meeting in 2014 I was introduced to, Pratap Nambiar, an Executive Coach, who within one meeting told me,  ‘Shailja you’re like Arjun (from the Mahabharata), you’re talented but deeply conflicted and you need to find your Krishna, someone to steer the chariot of your ambition’.

My first reaction was, ‘Seriously! Who does this guy think he is?’ The know- it- all, successful entrepreneur in me didn’t want to acknowledge that I was anything but perfect.

Three months and a few setbacks later I was sitting in front of Pratap, a willing student, wanting to know if he would coach me. It was funny how through the process of “recruiting” a coach, I actually found myself, found my purpose in life. read more

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