Leadership 2020

LeadershipThe stereotype of a great leader has metamorphosised in the new Millenium. Great leaders of the last generation may not even pass muster today. The earlier paradigm of leadership was leaders used to be more of commanders, who demanded respect, obedience and loyalty of their followers more as a due to their rank, experience, and age.  But in a world, which now lives in an oyster, following the connectivity revolution, such a disconnected style no longer suffices.

Age and designation are no longer the two essential factors that make a good leader. Corporates today are growing so rapidly that sky is their limit. It’s the age of start-ups in India. Growing organizations need a living and growing culture for sustainable growth. A good leader is therefore like a landscape architect.  They set-up and nurture a living culture within their organization – a culture which can profitably grow and adapt itself to the changing needs of the organization with time. For the new leader collaboration is the epitome of power and not rank.

Real leaders therefore, are co-creators – they create leaders out of those around them. They inspire and motivate by being facilitators, by being mentors, by being catalysts for growth. Flexibility is the hallmark of this leader, which can refer to information, department or a resource. read more

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