GMR- New Arena of Growth

With India’s aviation sector having taken off, quite literally, over the past one decade , an increasing number of number global airline majors have chosen to set up shop in the Indian market, and are looking forward to expand existing facilities in order to keep up with the demand for their services, often extending much beyond their core functional areas. Simultaneously, it has also opened the doors for a number of domestic firms to try and cash in on the possibilities thrown up by the requirement for ancillary facilities .. Continue reading >>

Nuclear Energy- Lighting Up Our Tomorrow

For anyone who has had to endure the sorry plight of roughing it out under the stifling heat of the Indian summer with a solitary newspaper for cool relief, the whole debate on the future of nuclear power in India would be a no brainer. But given the highly impassioned views this particular subject usually evokes, taking a look at the existing scenario would be a good place to start. Continue reading >>