Something New for Breakfast

As big a fan as I am of Indian cuisine, if there is one area where there exists ample room for improvement, it has to be at the breakfast table. In fact, the first meal of the day is probably the only time I wish we could learn something from our western counterparts when it comes to food- while they have healthy options galore, whether it’s American(and I am not talking about Texas over here),English or Continental, each of which lays at least a modicum of emphasis .. Continue reading >>

Peugeot Notwithstanding, Tamil Nadu Retains Top Billing…Just About

There is a distinct murmur that can increasingly be heard in the corridors of power across the length and breadth of the entire country, and especially so within different Secretariats dotting State capitals right from Srinagar all the way down to Chennai : if rumors are to be believed, each time an attractive new investment proposal comes forth, the entire bureaucracy .. Continue reading >>

MMRCA Deal- Golden Opportunity Missed

At long last, the cookie has finally crumbled on the long awaited MMRCA race, and has left in its wake a rather bitter taste in many an American mouth. With news trickling in of the American duo-Lockheed Martin’ F-16 & Boeing’s Super Hornet- no longer being in the fray, the blame games in Washington have already started and can be only expected to get worse in the days ahead.From the picture that is emerging .. Continue reading >>

GMR- New Arena of Growth

With India’s aviation sector having taken off, quite literally, over the past one decade , an increasing number of number global airline majors have chosen to set up shop in the Indian market, and are looking forward to expand existing facilities in order to keep up with the demand for their services, often extending much beyond their core functional areas. Simultaneously, it has also opened the doors for a number of domestic firms to try and cash in on the possibilities thrown up by the requirement for ancillary facilities .. Continue reading >>

GE- Powering the Indian Sky

The ever growing footprint of American companies in the Indian defense market is yet another reaffirmation of that old maxim- when it comes to inter-state relations, there are neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies- only permanent interests. For a country that didn’t think twice before dispatching the 7th Fleet to the Bay of Bengal to threaten India into submission during the 71 war .. Continue reading >>

The Brits are Back…

When it comes to protecting our skies and general matters of national security, I have always felt it is wiser to err on the side of pragmatism rather than sentiment. And as one comes across ever more depressing news of the painstakingly slow progress being made on the Kaveri front, I can’t help but wonder why we can’t just stick to common sense and get the best that money can buy from foreign shores. Continue reading >>

Get Set for Ferrari

There is great news for lovers of fast cars across the country- Ferrari, the iconic auto brand from Italy, is all set to launch its fastest set of wheels in India in the first half of the current year. No, this is not a cruel joke, it really is great news. Sure, the chances of your owning a Ferrari may be as high as my being on Katrina Kaif’s facebook friend list, but that’s no reason not to look forward to the impending arrival of arguably the most stylish set of wheels to have ever graced Indian roads. Continue reading >>