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Passion drives us

For the entire team of consultants at Stellar, what we do is leadership talent acquisition, but that's merely theory. Our purpose is larger, more substantive than closing a mandate successfully. With relentless passion and tenacity, we endeavor to strengthen the businesses of our clients, to add value, and make a difference. 

Shailja Dutt

Managing Partner – Stellar Search Founder & Chief of Ideas – weryz

Passionate Entrepreneur, Voracious Reader, Pioneer, Multiplier, Gymaholic, Coffeecianado and Seeker of Adventure

Music is the Answer!

Varun Sinha 

Senior Partner

Avid Knowledge Seeker, Amatuer geopolitical analyst, Sage, Talent Spotter, Door opener, Free Radical

Let there be light

Anisha Bhayana 


Introspective, Analytical, Adaptable. Always curious & Ambitious

Enthusiasm is common, endurance is rare

Vishnu Channon 


 Global Talent Advisor , Relationship Builder, Collaborator, Authentic, Self-Driven, Travel Enthusiast, Fitness Educator

The Best Is Yet To Come

Amol Shah Singh 


Networker, Idealistic, Fearless, Resilient, Plugged-in, Food Enthusiast

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself ; but talent instantly recognizes genius


Bhavini Shukla 

Senior Consultant

Empath, Positive, Connector, Believer

Happiness is a choice, a repetitive one